Friday, February 3, 2012

What A Difference Two and A Half Years Make!


“This unnecessary intervention by the government into religion disregards our nation’s commitment to the rights of conscience and the longstanding work of religious groups to help build a more compassionate society and vibrant democracy. I find that profoundly troubling on many levels.” - Fr. John Jenkins, President of Notre Dame, smiling in the photo, above left


  1. I am well-aware that the Church has not definitively ruled on the authenticity of the Medjugorje apparitions. Still, the message delivered two days ago by Our Lady to Mirjana seems to apply here: "Dear children; I am with you for so much time and already for so long I have been pointing you to God’s presence and His infinite love, which I desire for all of you to come to know. And you, my children? You continue to be deaf and blind as you look at the world around you and do not want to see where it is going without my Son. You are renouncing Him - and He is the source of all graces. You listen to me while I am speaking to you, but your hearts are closed and you are not hearing me. You are not praying to the Holy Spirit to illuminate you. My children, pride has come to rule. I am pointing out humility to you. My children, remember that only a humble soul shines with purity and beauty because it has come to know the love of God. Only a humble soul becomes Heaven, because my Son is in it. Thank you. Again I implore you to pray for those whom my Son has chosen - those are your shepherds."

    Hopefully, all of the Catholics who so proudly supported Barack Obama, who made his intentions clear as a presidential candidate that abortion would be a foundation of his health-care plan, have now been delivered the dose of humility they need to have their eyes opened.

    Archbishop Chaput tells us, "And Catholic citizens who take God seriously cannot claim to love their Church, and then ignore her counsel on vital public issues that shape our nation’s life. God will demand an accounting."

    For all of those who have or who continue to support this president and his culture-of-death policies, it's time to put away the pride and seek the humility our Lady asks of us.