Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Actual Planned Parenthood Tweet

"RT @ppazaction: It's Condom Week! Show your love for your Valentine by using condoms consistently & correctly: http://ow.ly/8RPY8 #safesex"

Planned Parenthood has likely turned this into an actual Valentine's Day card that they hope to distribute to middle schoolers without their parents' knowledge!

The irony in this Tweet is amazing and sad at the same time. St. Valentine was a martyr in the early Church - a person who gave EVERYTHING for those he loved. Planned Parenthood is saying "in his honor (they probably don't know he was a saint) be selfish with sex - don't give everything to the person you are having sex with - hold some of yourself back while engaging in the sex and then flush that part of yourself down the toilet!"

What a contrast to what the Church teaches about sexuality and love!!! Sex outside of the context of marriage is selfish. Sex with contraception is selfish. Period. The Church doesn't teach that to punish but to encourage people to avoid those pitfalls so that they may instead experience AUTHENTIC, happy, real, life-giving love.

That all of this tension in our country right now is basically a battle between Planned Parenthood and the Catholic Church (as Fulton Sheen predicted) is becoming ever more apparent.

All Catholics are on one side or the other. On one side is the pro-contraception, pro-abortion small "c" catholics, and on the other side is those who live the Church's teaching. It is time to choose a side and time to encourage others to choose a side. This is as black-and-white good-vs.-evil as it has been since possibly WWII.

"Happy Valentine's Day from Planned Parenthood - don't forget to use a condom while having sex outside of marriage!!!"


  1. Thank you for this post! So true and sad! I will be sharing this on my Facebook wall!

  2. Well said Father. Catholics with a little "c" and Catholics who live the Church's teaching. Brings to mind an image of the sheep and the goats being separated.

  3. Hi Father, I saw your blog linked on Tracy's FB page and came over to hear what PP had said about St. Valentine's Day. A horribly sad message to our youth!

  4. You people are actually retarded. Kids are going to have sex. They might as well have protection.

    1. calling it "protection" when it fails 10-15% of the time is actually the stance which is moronic here.

  5. My 18 year old son suggest Catholic secession ... give us Alaska or some small corner of the world where we can live our values and safely observe what happens when secular society is unchecked by moral absolutes! (I know ... not the Catholic thing to do, but sounds mighty appealing!)