Wednesday, February 1, 2012

VIDEO: Margaret Sanger Interview (Spoiler Alert: anti-Catholic Rant)

I stumbled across this video which doesn't have many views but is pretty amazing! It is an interview with Mrs. Sanger. Early on in the video the interviewer asks her "Today your opposition stems from where?" Sanger responds: "I feel that my main opposition is from the hierarchy of the Catholic Church!"

The rest of the video is a rant against the Church and the Church's position.

This shows, yet again, that the battle against contraception, abortion, and the rest is a battle being fought by the Catholic Church. Pretending that their is a middle ground between the Church's teaching and Ms. Sanger's is simply that - pretending.


  1. I wish we had reporters like this today.

    "From your own autobiography which you can not disavow.'

  2. Amen, Aaron. This shows just how far journalism has fallen since that day.