Monday, February 13, 2012

Homily - "Marriage is Being Punched in the Face"

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  1. Father Hollowell,

    You are exactly right! Marriage is being punched in the face from a lot of different angles. This really isn't something new and has been going on now for many many years actually. More recently the flood gates to gay marriage has opened....and after they opened up, it's gonna be awful hard to close them. I'm not so sure about the polygamy thing you mentioned though; I haven't heard of the newer influx of law suits or people lobbying to marry more than one individual.

    But to expound on the assaults on marriage, I would like to add that it just isn't the two that you mentioned in the video;
    1) Divorce: There are many many couples who divorce every single year. I have seen it happen within my family and with my friends and co-workers. To have a marriage dissolved is a HUGE punch in the face to the institute of marriage. Not only that, but if there are children caught in the middle, it makes things worse.

    2) Adultry: AKA having an affair, this also is a punch in the face to the institute of marriage. It leaves one spouse hurt and leads to the above problem I mentioned; divorce.

    3) Cohabitation: AKA living together, shacking up, "common law married"; this basically insults the institute of marriage by mocking it. I personally know of more than one couple who have been cohabitating for years now and own property together as a couple....but never did enter the sacrament of matrimony. That to me is a good hard slap in the face of marriage.

    4) Domestic Violence: AKA Domestic Abuse Assault, Spousal Abuse, etc... this occurs on a daily basis throughout the world. The act of abusing one's spouse physically, mentally, and emotionally is, without question, contrary to the Sacrament of Matrimony and a scourge on the family. The effects of spousal abuse are life-long, and they affect not only the abused spouse but any children in the family. In a church that is as focused on marriage and the family as ours, this is absolutely unacceptable to remain silent on. Domestic Violence is without a doubt a huge punch in the face on marriage, as that is not what marriage is supposed to be about.

    Those are just a few of the things that I thought about when I watched this video. I realize that the church is becoming upset with the gay marriage thing and how it is growing. She has every right to be. Same sex marriage does not fit the proper definition of marriage. And, neither do the other four points that I mentioned....which the church really should speak out on as well.