Tuesday, February 28, 2012


People have been asking me "what do I do to help fight this cultural war and return our country to sanity." Here is my answer...


First of all, we have to educate ourselves. What does the Church teach? Why? What are the pitfalls of contraception/abortion? What are the links between breast cancer and the pill and what are the links between abortion and breast cancer? Read up on the quick and VERY helpful handouts that the bishops have put on their website. You can find some of those links in the right hand column of this blog or visit www.usccb.org

When you are educated enough --- go out and ENGAGE these clowns that really are all bark and no bite. You'll find if you ask one or two intelligent questions of them they'll inevitably revert to something like "Well...you guys did the crusades!!" Which of course means that they have nothing of importance or substance to say.

Go watch my "I Have a Say" video, but click on the Youtube icon in the bottom right hand corner, which will take you to the actual Youtube site. You'll see on there that I've been trying to argue with 5 or 6 knuckleheads about substance.

This illustrates a key Planned Parenthood tactic - they send people after videos and into chat rooms to relentlessly be loud --- stupid and uneducated but loud, hoping to scare people off.

My challenge to you - leave a comment on a video. It doesn't take long to sign up to start responding to videos. Leave messages on Indystar after articles that are on important topics. If you follow a blog, leave a comment or two - engage these people on the internet and bring the fight to them. If you are tired of sitting back and watching other people fight --- hop in! It's easier than you think.


  1. Padre, I'm not Catholic, not religious, highly skeptical and even more cynical harb bitten old lawyer.

    Your video was among the most inspirational statements I have see in 25 years. You are describing the point at which the secular liberal "theology" (because progressive ideology certainly isn't based on factual reality or logical or historical proof so it must be on faith alone) has become irreconcilably inconsistent with the survival of the moral and political norms that have been slowly civilizing mankind over the millenia. The preciousness of life chief among such norms.

    A long winded way of saying great job!

    1. Thanks! I've heard lots of good feedback from people of all faiths and backgrounds. I think we make our stand here and drive back the demons of Planned Parenthood and the culture of death, or we suffer dearly moving forward as a nation

  2. Peter Walsh (Connecticut)March 2, 2012 at 9:24 PM

    I spent 4 weekends up in Maine involved in the caucuses earlier in the year. I am grateful that at least some pro-life Catholics decided to show up. But, objectively speaking, one could not deny that the pro-life community is failing here in the northeast.

    Poor theology is to blame. Indifference, incompetence, folly.
    Lesson #1 for pro-lifers:

    Perhaps more will become active now with the HHS mandate waking people up a bit. But to whom to listen? Some of the "leaders" are coo-coo.

    On a practical note, if I were in Indiana, I'd be involved in the IN-6 primary on 5/8. Pence's open seat. It's not clear who the pro-life winner to back.