Friday, February 24, 2012

NPR News Story Illustrates Planned Parenthood Double Standard

Yesterday I was on the road and I did something I knew was going to likely get my blood pressure up - after every other station was on a commercial I switched over to NPR. Sure enough, as I switched over, a story was beginning on Virginia's law to require ultrasounds before abortions. Granted, without being an expert on ultrasounds, I'm not sure why Virginia was wanting them to be 'transvaginal' ultrasounds as opposed to a regular one, but that wasn't even the take on the story anyways. I list a few complaints with NPR

complaint 1 on the story: NPR refers over and over to two camps, the first being "anti-abortion" and the second being "abortion rights supporters." Really? Again, postmoderns have nothing substantive to fight with, they simply can try and change words around and try to reshape debates through labeling. Why not call one camp "anti-children" and the other "defenders and crusaders for the beautiful cause for life"? Wouldn't they moan and complain and whine like "babies"? (pun intended)

complaint 2 in this story: Look at what a Planned Parenthood rep from Metropolitan Washington D.C. said in the story:

"I don't think that any of us want politicians interfering with our medical decisions or the government mandating what is medically necessary...This has to do with...interfering with the patient/doctor relationship."

Ah, the irony!

Let's take it in two parts. Part 1 "I don't think any of us want politicians interfering with our medical decisions or the government mandating what is medically necessary"

I totally agree! I don't think so either. And where have we heard her word mandate before...hum...Oh, I remember, from President Barack 'Planned Parenthood' Obama. Planned Parenthood and I on the same page...this is a first!

Second part of her quote "this has to with interfering with the patient/doctor relationship." Hum, where have I heard that complaint recently...Oh, I remember, it has been from the Catholic doctors and patients who have been saying for several years to the government "leave our consciences alone."

It is sickening to watch the demonic wordsmiths at Planned Parenthood continue to utterly manipulate and misrepresent the truth. But you have to hand it to them (with an assist to their allies at NPR) they are very good at playing the victim while victimizing the rest of the country who doesn't buy in to their world view.

You can read the whole story here


  1. The reaoning behind the transvaginal ultrasound is that at the earliest weeks of conception this method will allow for the most clear image of the baby in the womb. Of course the PP crowd wants to fight it because it will be very hard to call the beautiful developing child a blob of tissue.

  2. I find the whole thing insane. When someone says "I don't think that any of us want politicians interfering with our medical decisions or the government mandating what is medically necessary" while simultaneously advocating state run medical - WHO do they imagine is going to be dictating what "medical procedures" and options are available to John Doe public???? The State is going to be involved with every aspect of our medical records and decisions and mandating what we can and can't do. Any government HHS worker will have access to all your personal medical data from high school clerks to middle managers to Czarina-Vicar Kathleen Sebelius and all their subcontracted consultants, subcontractors and unemployed-need-a-government-job call center operators (which could be farmed out to foreigners too!). We are in deep kimchee - the government is going to dictate every aspects of our lives soon enough (e.g. what we can eat/drink, when you must diet and go in for eating and behavior counseling, when you must check in for palliative care and die due to medical-cost avoidance [with a state "hospice" representative in your house making sure you have your estate in order to turn over estate tax to the state when you pass] etc.). Women need to wake up and see that they are being expertly used as political pawns to keep them voting "woman's issues" just to strip votes from conservative and to fragment the church.

  3. I read an article from a journalist from a major newspaper, who said his Editor demanded certain terminology when writing about life issues....They had to use anti-choice not pro-life, pro-choice not anti-abortion or anti-life, always had to use the word fetus, never baby or child. The majority in the mainstream media are anti-life and they as well are rooted in deception and lies. Therefore, its going to fall, not sure if it will be in our lifetime, but a house of cards built on lies will fall! Margie Sindelar

  4. I was so repulsed when I kept hearing that women were being "raped" by the ultrasounds. Well, it turns out that most all early abortions include a trans-vaginal ultrasound (because the fetus is so small) to date the pregnancy. Planned Parenthood is actively "raping" the women as we speak. I loved how all the media picked up on the "rape" story and ran with it before knowing what they were talking about! Also wanted to add: pregnancy caused by a rape counts for less than 1% of all abortions--so those making the mental leap from "a woman being raped and impregnated goes to have an abortion is raped again with an ultrasound" are way off base. ALL women are "raped" via ultrasound before an abortion, and the majority of abortions are not because of rape--they occur as a convenience. Once again the "anti-baby" faction spreads lies and distortions.

  5. Chuckled through your entire article...on a week where I havd been asked if being this stupid hurts, its nice to see I am not so stupid as to notice the irony these anti-children bring to the table. Taking a much needed break from social media to do palanka for my older teenagers confirmation retreat...keep fighting the good fight!

  6. What terms would you have liked them to use instead of "anti-abortion" and "abortion rights supporters"?

    1. I listed my choices in the post:



      "defenders and crusaders for the beautiful cause for life"