Saturday, February 11, 2012

Statements Roll In: "Compromise" Changes Nothing

Just listening to the President's statement one realizes instantly that his "compromise" is no compromise at all. After first looking over the "compromise" Catholics and many people of other faiths are coming out with statements letting everyone know that this compromise isn't even a compromise at all because it changes nothing.

Read the statement by the Bishops' Conference by clicking here

NEW UPDATE: Archbishop Chaput blasts "compromise" - click here to read

Read the statement by Fr. Frank Pavone by clicking here

Read Dr. Richard Land, head of the Southern Baptist ethics commission by clicking here

Interfaith Leaders Stand with the Church - click here for the statement

Read Notre Dame law school dismantling of the President's "compromise" here

Furthermore Sr. Carol Keehan of the CHA (Contracepting Hospital Administrators), NARAL and Planned Parenthood are all in favor of the compromise. 'nuf said. Let me know below if you run into other statements from other organizations. I am sure the Bishops will not issue individual statements again because the "compromise" changes absolutely nothing from the original mandate.


  1. Thank you for collecting all of this. I agree, this changes nothing. All Christians, regardless of denomination, should be afraid of this situation. Obama is "backing down" because it's an election year. If he gets re-elected there will be nothing to stop him from taking away all religious freedoms.

  2. If we get fooled again we deserve whatever we get-- in this life AND the next.