Friday, February 24, 2012

Newt Takes on CNN's Bias - Well Said!!

What about Obama's infanticide?? Great question


  1. Why don't we ask Newt about the sanctity of marriage or George W Bush the sanctity of life (how may people were put to death while he was gov. of Texas?). Lets face it, all of our candidates and past presidents have major flaws. Obama's as well as Romney and Santorum's are very present. How do we choose one flake over the other? Ugh!

    1. Thank God that there is a hierarchy of values which allow us to compare flawed human beings. By the hierarchy of values handed down by the Church through the centuries (infanticide being the key difference noted in a second century homily between a pagan and a Christian society) President Obama fails on a nearly uncomprehendable scale

  2. The moral relativism of the first comment is enough to turn your stomach. Newt having an affair is certainly immoral, but it is many times less a sin than Obama's consistent and endless support for the murder of babies.

    As for how many people died in Bush's state under the death penalty, well, however many it was, it was millions less than has been killed by abortion since Obama took office-- and will be many millions more thanks to Obama's evil judicial appointments.