Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Good News Amidst HHS discussion

In the ongoing HHS Mandate coverage, two blog followers sent me the following stories about the power of adoption and the joy of children. In keeping people up to date on the facts of what is going on it can be easy to despair - but the good work that our Lord is doing continues on despite the Devil's attempts to derail that work. Here are two positive and powerful stories of the beauty of God's plan for human sexuality.

The first is a video done by classmate Fr. Josh McCarty's Lolek Productions. Very well done! Fr. Josh's video has had some plugs nationally from Lifesite News and locally with a front page story in the Lexington News Paper. Congrats Fr. Josh!

The second came from a reader who I've known for a long time and comes from a great family. He sent me the following story and asked to remain anonymous:

"I know there has been a lot of discussion going on about Planned Parenthood vs the Catholic Church, and I personally just received some very interesting news on adoption. The gift of life and love were really put into perspective for me tonight. In addition, I feel like I saw a glimpse of how wonderful and mysterious God's plan is for us. I thought I would just pass it on to you...

My father, out of nowhere, got some information about his birth certificate and information on his adoption. He was adopted when he was one week old and even though he tried to get information, medical history, and names in the past he always hit dead ends and was unable to obtain any information. Well today he was able to look at a packet of information from his adoption that has opened doors for our family to put some puzzle pieces together. Anyways, when my Dad looked at his birth certificate, his birth name was Joseph Patrick! No one had any idea what my father's birth name was until 8 hours ago, but yet my brother's middle name is Joseph and my middle name is Patrick! Some people might say this is just a coincidence, but it just seems too perfect that my Dad's two little boys would have his birth names as their middle names!

The gift of life and love seems so much more precious tonight with this news! I'm so thankful that my father's birth mother gave him over to my loving grandparents. I am so blessed with wonderful grandparents, the world's best parents, and the greatest bother all because of God's love and plan!"


  1. Enjoyed watching the video! I can see a part of my life in her. The letter from your friend brought tears to my eyes, God is very good!