Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I Wish This Were a Joke!


 The "Ministry of Agitation" - sounds like Harry Potter


  1. I'm starting to feel sick listening to these two. What I feel that needs to be addressed is how this women so completely overlooks two thousand years of history of women in the church. Think of all the great female saints. And not only the quite little flowers (although they're epic in thier own way) but think of the saints who lead armies (literally), those who became Doctors of the church, those who underwent horrendous torture, those who hurdled themselves in to fires, or who inspired an entire globe to help the poorest of the poor.
    If she thinks the Church is afraid of women, She should look at the mother of the church, Queen of saints, Mary most holy.
    I recommend that since she thinks that the church doesn't let women minister, she spend some time with some women religious- I recommend the Dominican sisters of Saint Celia. Or watch a parish nurse, or go to a catholic Hospital. See what a voice Catholic women have.
    There are other issues that need to be addressed, and doubtless others will, but as a Catholic women I find it insulting what she implies: that if we can not be ordained we are nothing. That such a rich a Heritage can be thrown out.

  2. She actually said "ministry of irritation." I think it was a slip on her part, but so true. I couldn't get over that she sounds like Glynda the good witch of the north from The Wizard of Oz. They didn't say anything new, or present anything other than a handful of known lies and diversions. It felt like a very bad infomercial. Oh, wait. That is exactly what it was. The Catholic Church has done more to advance the rights of women over the centuries than any other institution in history.

  3. What I want for Christmas: The ability to eat coconut cream pie for every meal and have 10% body fat. Forget the laws of nature, let's form a group and make it so. Reminds me of Ramses II oft repeated line from "The Ten Comandments": So it shall be written, so it shall be done.

  4. I believe she actually said "Ministry of Irritation"!

  5. It is sad, but I believe this obscure, ridiculous You Tube video is some sort of parody and not real. Yet it is being used here to pretty much put women in general in a bad light. I think it took work to find this. How sad. This is the kind of thing, like much of pop culture, which should be disregarded instead of bringing it to light.