Tuesday, July 10, 2012

IMPORTANT and NEEDED! Chatard Grad Starts Fashion Mag

Janet Sahm is a 2006 graduate of Bishop Chatard High School, which means our time at Chatard overlapped.  Fortunately for her, she didn't have to take my math class!  Anyway, my family and the Sahm family go way back.  Our dads coached together for many years, and now both are presidents of Catholic high schools.  Katie Sahm and myself have been working for a year or so on Indy Catholic Artists, and Katie told me recently that her little sister Janet was up to big things in New York.

Well, Janet's project is now ready to roll out, and it looks unbelievably awesome and very much needed at the same time.  I'll let Janet and her team explain what they've cooked up

Verily (definition: truly, actually) seeks to portray reality, truth, beauty, goodness - things the Church always begs people to consider.  The magazine, while not overtly Catholic, is nonetheless EXACTLY what Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict have been begging Catholics to engage in when they have touted the last thirty years the "new evangelization"...new ways to bring the truth of the Gospel to people everywhere.  Truth, authentic beauty, and authentic goodness ALWAYS bring people to Christ, and have the ability to slip past the defenses of those who would otherwise be intentionally deaf and would react violently to something explicitly Christian.

Editor Kara Eschbach (co-founder with Janet) explains the project much more eloquently than I ever could -

"Verily was started as a response to our own feelings that the current narrative about women in the media - the fashion, the approach to relationships, the career advice - didn't reflect how we felt about ourselves or the trajectory of our lives.  

So we set out to create an alternative - a magazine that resonates with our experiences and leaves women feeling understood.  We are aiming to show style that respects our dignity, instead of compromising it; to explore our relationships, not just sex; and feature thought-provoking articles, not just rhetoric."

This is EXACTLY what our culture needs, what our young women need, and we need to help spread the word and help this magazine take off. 

You can view the first issue of the magazine by clicking here.

The launch of the magazine had a nice writeup in Catholic Exchange, which can be viewed by clicking here

Also, visit the site for the magazine and look for ways to subscribe, blogs to follow, and lots of other interesting stuff.  Click here to go to the magazine's homepage. I'm subscribing for my parish, and I'm going to purchase some subscriptions for some young ladies.  Help this project take off!

I hope and pray that God blesses this most important work that these young women are setting out on!


  1. I went and previewed the magazine, it does seem like a magazine I would like to read. Hope it goes far!

  2. Love this post. Thank you for the info. Am now trying to switch my subscriptions over to Verily!