Friday, July 6, 2012

Getting Caught Up on Movies

I'm behind on Summer movies, but here's an opportunity to get caught up again!  Just click on the movie title to get the review on the particular film.

Spider Man - not sure how I feel about remaking movies that are only 10 years old.  I'll probably see it at some point, but barring a phenomenal review from someone, I'll probably wait to rent.  The Bishops rate it at A-III, about what you'd expect for a movie attempting to be a Summer blockbuster trying to appeal to as many as possible.

People Like Us - A-III

Ted - thou shalt not see - "O"

Magic Mike - thou shalt not see - "O"

Stella Days - "L" (mature themes that some adults might find troubling)

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter - this has to be a dare between two Hollywood exec's.  "Dude, you won't make a movie about Abraham Lincoln hunting vampires...oh yeah...yeah...want to bet...sure...I'll bet you my Ferrari you can't make that movie and actually make money on're on."  This movie also has the worst trailer I think I've ever seen - Abraham Lincoln reciting the Gettysburg Address as a voice over to myriad action shots of Lincoln killing vampires.  If someone sees this movie let me know if it is or is not the worst movie of all time.  The Bishops rated it as an "L".

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World - I'd like to actually see this film.  I am a fan of both leads as actors (Keira Knightley and Steve Carrell) and it sounds like this film does some good things.  I'll report back if I ever do get the chance to take it in.  The Bishops give it an "L".


  1. Can you explain the rating system?

  2. A-I - Bambi

    A-II - O.K. for kids, but maybe not the youngest kids (perhaps E.T. or something like that)

    A-III - Appropriate for adults and older teens

    L - Appropriate only for adults, some adults might find it offensive. This is a film that has some violence and/or sexuality, but it is handled appropriately and is not a glorification of the matter. An example of a film that might fit this category on the violence side of things would be No Country for Old Men. It is violent, but there is a purpose and a message behind its use, whereas a movie like Payback with Mel Gibson is violent and is so in an unrealistic way and makes violence out to be something cool.

    O - movie that a Catholic should not take in. This is a movie that takes sexuality and/or violence unrealistically and warps the subjects to seem as if there are no real consequences. These would be movies like Payback or Transporter on the violence end and movies like Superbad, Old School, etc. on the sexual end of things. The Church is not afraid of sexuality or violence, but merely expects that they be treated realistically (as having real consequences) instead of having the consequences glossed over.

  3. fwiw, the abe lincoln movie is based on a book by the same name.

  4. Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter: When I first saw the preview for this movie I thought "Wow, it is not like Lincoln didn't have enough on his plate with the Civil War and being married to Mary Todd!" This movie is a perfect example of what ails our culture today. Because all morals are relative the only heros we can have are imaginary 'super heros' in which their virtues are diminished. Let's not examine Lincoln's virtues (and failings), but let's imagine he was a comic book hero (if that) fighting imaginary monsters.