Saturday, July 21, 2012

Crossroads Radio Interviews From Wednesday

Follow up to yesterday - I was able to contact the group to see if they needed anything. Their request yesterday evening...Mass and confession. Myself and another priest, Fr. Adam Mauman from Our Lady of Mount Carmel came in and heard confessions and had Mass with the group, and then afterwards had a big meal at the beautiful home of a family up in Carmel who had opened their doors to the walkers when they heard what had happened. It was obviously a very powerful evening, and one of those totally unlooked for moments where the priesthood was once again manifested in all of its craziness. The idea that Fr. Adam and myself would be invited in to help these people in such a moment of crisis, when they knew neither of us really at all was another reminder of what the priesthood is.

This morning, the group is heading to Mass and then to pray outside of the Planned Parenthood at 86th and Georgetown Road. How awesome is that!!? They hadn't covered the question as a group about whether they would press on and finish the walk, but by all the indicators I saw, there was a definite move in that direction in the hearts of most of the walkers. We'll keep praying for them, for Andrew, and for his family. Follow the walkers from all four walks by clicking here.

Here are the two radio interviews Msgr. and I did with the group on Wednesday.

Crossroads Walk Interview Part 1 from John Hollowell on Vimeo.

Crossroads Walk Interview Part 2 from John Hollowell on Vimeo.

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