Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Homily: Happy NFP Awareness Week!


  1. Great to see you posting again....NFP should be PUSHED with all Catholics....I never heard of it until after I got married....

    This is REAL progress!!!...

  2. Thank you, Father, for your beautiful homily and for your courage to speak and teach the truth about this issue. This is a very sensitive and confusing topic among Catholics, especially. You are right to point to some priests and others in positions of authority within the Church as one of the reasons for this. I experienced this myself about 15 years ago when a priest advised the decision of whether a married couple should contracept was up to the individual's conscience. I was confused and misguided by that statement for a while. Thankfully, I later learned what the Church really teaches about marriage and procreation, and my conscience was better formed & able to make a better decision--the part of the statement left out of what the priest said (or, perhaps it was stated, and I didn't hear or understand that part). Artificial contraception, like so many other problems in modern society, seems, on the surface, like the perfect solution. It seems easy to just take a pill and then forget about it--just do whatever you want without the consequences. Unfortunately, this has created even more problems like objectification of women, promiscuity, increase in STDs, increase in acceptance of and number of abortions (especially due to failure rates of contraception and the abortafacient properties of many birth control methods), increasing levels of hormones in the water supply, higher numbers of women with breast cancer and other health issues, etc. Apparently, the Church--like a good parent--actually does have her children's best interests at heart when asking us to choose to obey her teachings.