Friday, July 6, 2012

Harry Potter and Catholicism

A topic that never seems to go away is the discussion of Harry Potter and the Catholic Faith.

I post this now because it appeared on my Facebook notifications as I'm in the midst of, for the first time, reading the series myself. 

I'm currently almost exactly halfway through the series, and I'll reserve my comments until after I've finished the series.

For now, I pass on a nice series done by Dominican Nicholas Manko.  I've never met Friar Nick, but he entered the Midwest Province of the Dominican order with my brother Tony (who is now studying to be a priest for Indianapolis).  If you are interested, Friar Nick currently has 8 videos on Harry Potter and the Catholic Faith.  I've seen the first one and was very impressed.  They are well produced while also being faithful to the Church.  Hopefully we can expect a lot more from Friar Nick's studio!


  1. You know what I have noticed recently???....there are more priests that are younger then me on Social Networks..This young priest thing MUST be the result of all our prayers for more young men hearing the call....TBTG!!!!

    1. I don't think the guy is a priest....