Monday, July 16, 2012

The "God Particle" and God Choosing Us "Before the foundation of the world"


  1. Very nice! Thank you so much for sharing! I'm so glad you share your homilies!
    Loved the question to the HS student, "Do you love someone? Can science prove that?" Awesome! I love that!

    I have some highly intelligent family members who are scientists and don't believe there's a God. I pray for them all the time. Is there anything else I can do, Father? I will be sharing this homily! :)

    God bless you.

  2. You never know what thoughts a good homily will stir. and just like the wonder of creating our universe God also created our minds even this slightly twisted one. Several thoughts quickly zipped through my mind during the homily.
    first it allowed me to dust off some old stories right before our 40th high school class reunion.
    The summer before entering high school a half dozen of us slept out in a buddies backyard. That particualr night the stars were on awesome display. so as normal 14 year old former paperboys and burgeoning high school athletes we did the natural thing and discussed the origins of the universe. how great a God to create all this- on the other hand someone even mentioned, could all this including ourselves just be a dream of one of us, and when we wake up that person will be the only being alive ?- maybe he had just watched the twilight zone. But wouldn't you know it, even 44 years ago that old pesky Galileo entered our discussion about church and science, just like Father mentioned yesterday.

    Unfortunately one of us had to fall asleep first, that was greg the biggest one of us all, nicknamed "the beast". he was zipped up in his sleeping bag, so naturally the only thing we could do was throw him into the swimming pool, bag and all. the sad thing is, in a few weeks when i relate this at our reunion "the beast" won't be there as he passed away several months ago.
    when Father mentioned the "god particle" it reminded me of a priest and the hypothesis he published called "The Primeval Atom". Father Georges Lemaitre a belgian priest was a contemporary of einstein's, Lemaitre's theory originally called the exploding egg eventually became known as the big bang theory. Initially einstein dismissed Lemaitre but eventually accepted his theory and they toured together to universities on the west coast. Lemaitre was appointed to the Pontifical Academy of Science by Pope Pius Xl in 1936. however his health and genius were permanantly diminished by near starvation while hiding in Belgium during ww2. Eventually in 1960 he was appointed president of the pontifical academy.
    But most of all Father's homily is an invitation to glorify and meditate on our creator.
    what a wonderful opportunity is coming with our new "first saturday" of each month with adoration and reconciliation time. lets take advantage of it.

  3. Thank you Father for sharing your homily! We miss you at St. Malachy! You are a blessing! In Christ, Angela

  4. Let me just say, beyond the usual great sermon - your vestments are beautiful! Such lovely fabric is too uncommon nowadays.

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