Friday, May 21, 2010

A Latin Pentecost at Holy Rosary

This weekend I am filling in for Fr. Magiera at Holy Rosary's 9:30 Latin Mass. It is a sung Mass, plus it has the added bonus of being Pentecost, one of three days that is celebrated for 8 days instead of one (we've cut Pentecost out since Vatican II, and now only celebrate Christmas and Easter with octaves). So...if you are looking for an excuse to delay your ordinary time penitential observances - there you go. This next week can be the octave of Pentecost!

I am very nervous for something like this, and the chanting always takes work. The good people at Holy Rosary are always most gracious to me, though, and they tolerate my squeaking! I am excited and looking forward to celebrating Mass there this weekend. If you are curious, please stop by. It isn't completely foreign, and there are books that can help someone follow along who is new to the extraordinary form of the Mass. Please pray for me that it goes well!

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