Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Lioness Roars

Alice von Hildebrand once wrote a book entitled "Heart of a Lion."  The book is a biography of her late husband Dietrich, one of the great Catholic minds of our time.  Dietrich was a friend of Pope Benedict while the two were living in Germany, and his thought is clear, precise, and charitable.  Any Catholic wanting to grow deeper in their faith would do well to pick up anything written by Dietrich, open to a random page, and start reading.

Mrs. Alice Hildebrand, however, has a bit of a roar herself, and after reading a recent article by her entitled "A Plea to Confused Catholics", I thought I'd pass it on.  A few quotes:

"It would be difficult to convince a peasant that a purely abstract projection (cuts in Medicaid will lead to more abortions) justifies voting for someone who is “pro-choice,”  endorses not only late term abortion, but also the murder of those little ones who survived this “scientific” torture. This is typical intellectual prestidigitation, a sleight of hand of such “cleverness” that it justifies the words of St. Peter Damian: the Devil was the first grammarian: he “taught us to decline god in the plural.”

"Am I wrong in suggesting that when St. Paul writes that there are things that “should not even be mentioned among Christians,” he might had had “same sex marriage” in mind, an inevitable consequence of the endorsement of homosexuality so severely condemned by Plato – a pagan – as being not only against nature, but as being a moral disease of such gravity that it inevitably leads to the downfall of any society. History teaches us a lesson: the great nations of the world now extinct, were victims of the immorality of their customs. Their problem was not economic; it was moral."

Click here to read the entire rebuttal of Professor Schneck.

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