Thursday, September 6, 2012

I'm a "Lion Breathng Fire"???

The Indiana Catholic Men's Conference on Saturday, October 20th, is titled "Lions Breathing Fire" (as it has been called for several years).  EVERY single person I've heard from about the conference has said it is AWESOME!  This year the main speaker is George Weigel.  Followers of this blog will know I'm in the Weigel cult!  He's an awesome speaker and I'm looking forward to hearing him this year.

I have also been asked to speak at this year's conference.  I believe I am giving a homily during adoration, and my talk will be on "It is our duty and our salvation."  I'm looking forward to attending the conference for the first time.

I hope, if you live in or near Indiana, you consider attending the one day action packed conference which is held at the convention center.  You can register online and view the speaker list and a schedule by clicking here.  Talks, confession, Mass, fellowship with other Catholic men from the area all crammed into one awesome day. 

If you are a wife, consider signing your husband up for the day.  If you are a Catholic man in the area, I hope you not only think about going, but also think about dragging a few of your fellow Catholic men along with you.  This is a great conference for entire groups from parishes, like the Knights of Columbus or an entire Christ Renews team to try to attend together.  I hope you consider going this year.  Please pray for me and for all the speakers and attendees this year as well!

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