Monday, September 3, 2012

The Abortion Convention?

The upcoming Deomcratic National Convention, where President Barack Obama will accept his party's nomination to seek a second term as president, is being described by people from both sides of the aisle as "the abortion convention."

Last week, the Democratic National Committee released the line up of speakers for the convention and key spots are given to the president of NARAL, the president of Planned Parenthood, and Sandra Fluke, the college student who is seeking to have Georgetown, a Catholic University, pay for her contraceptives. 

Certainly, Lifesite News has lamented the line up  with Lila Rose terming the convention "Abortion-Palooza", but the Wall Street Journal has also noted the abortion-heavy line up (click here for their take).  The Wall Street Journal article wonders if this won't ultimately hurt the Democratic Party.  Michigan Representative Bart Stupak, the de facto leader of the "pro-life Democrats" also is expressing serious concern over his OWN party's convention lineup.  Stupak and others are concerned that no pro-life person will be allowed to speak at this week's convention.

Is the Deomcratic Party's number one issue now abortion?   


  1. I have officially registered as a Republican.... if 2008 Michelle could see me know.... who voted for Obama... not like New York isn't going to be democrat anyway. If people don't realize now how radically pro-choice Obama is now, they never will.

  2. It's pretty obvious the official party platform is abortion. but to quite a few people who are considering voting for obama, it will be presented to them as giving them freedom and access to preventative medicine. many of the seniors only tune into the national media outlets that won't dare expose whats really being said.
    it will be disguised- spun and it will go right over the heads of many americans.

  3. abortion is the official duct tape of democratic platform. if something is broken slap some duct tape on it.
    over population- the answer is abortion
    high crime rate- abortion
    hungry people- abortion
    global warming- abortion
    education- abortion
    the deficit- abortion
    increases in welfare- abortion
    immigration- abortion