Monday, September 10, 2012

Cardinal Martini - "Pope of the Liberal Catholics"

Cardinal Me artini of Milan passed away last week.  Many referred to him as the "Pope of liberal Catholics."  He was for abortion, same sex marriage, condoms in Africa, etc.  In his last interview before his passing, the Cardinal famously noted that the Church is 200 years behind the times.  William Doino on First Things blog has a lovely response:

"Cardinal Martini was vastly underestimating the situation. The Church is not 200 years out of date—it is 2,000 years out of date, and will remain so, for the eternal truths of Jesus Christ are timeless and not subject to the trends of any particular age, however “forward” it thinks it is."



  1. So where did Cardinal Martini go after he died then? Hell? Or how does that work then beings he was publicly proclaiming this sort of stuff when he shouldn't have been. Isn't that some sort of heresy?

  2. @Anonymous: Standard practice is that we can acknowledge the wrongdoings of someone deceased but leave his final judgement to God.

  3. Condoms should be shipped to Africa. Condoms should be in every single bathroom of every public building in the United States as well. Reasons being:

    1) In Africa, Ethiopia for example, you will find young children with heads the size of basketballs, and the rest of them are skin and bone while flies crawl on them all day long while they lay dying on the ground due to starvation. Personally, I would just rather not be born than to have to suffer a short life SO HORRIBLY! Condoms can help this situation out.

    2) In America here, we have a program called welfare. A TON of people are on this. A LARGE NUMBER are scroungy men and women who have nothing else better to do all day than to suck up government assistance and make tons of babies. I was in a store the other day and I saw the a scroungy girl who was obviously very pregnant with her scroungy boyfriend(I'll betcha they weren't married!) and a couple scroungy kids with them. Guess how they paid for their grocery items? Yep! Food stamps! The more babies these scrounges make, the more aid the government will have to give them and that means more of my EARNED BY WORKING money will go to support them. Condoms in this case could do some of these people good! They most definitely would have helped the gal that lives down the street from me who has 7 kids by more than one dad, doesn't work and IS ON WELFARE. The church doesn't get it when it comes to contraceptives and birth control for that matter. Perhaps each church should "adopt" an unwed(or married) couple who have way too many kids and no jobs and pay for their groceries, housing and medical care instead of having it come out of the working peoples' hides.