Monday, September 17, 2012

"In This Election, the Catholic Church Analyzes Candidate ________"

We may hear that phrase someday, maybe sooner than we think.

There is a group of Protestant pastors who, since 2008, have been analyzing specific candidates from the pulpit on key issues with relationship to the Bible and their specific congregation's teachings.

Here's an interesting video talking about the how:

It seems the goal is to actually GET the IRS to take someone to court because once that happens, then a suit can be filed to challenge the Johnson amendment.  The claim is that the IRS uses the amendment as a fear tactic to silence churches, but that they won't ever prosecute anyone because if they do, they know the Johnson amendment itself will get challenged and overturned.

Here's another look at the movement:

Very interested to see where this goes.  Supposedly a bunch of pastors participated in 2011, sent their videos and sermons to the IRS...and none of them were prosecuted.


  1. I've said for some time that the government is eventually going to find some flimsy pretext for revoking church's tax-exemption, so they ought to prepare for when Caesar wants his cut. But the tears from people who gnash their teeth at the church would be delicious if the IRS regs were overturned.

  2. I have often thought that if all the US Bishops agreed to stand up against the Johnson Amendment, the government wouldn't dare to try to take away the tax exemption status of ALL the Catholic Church does as there would likely be a revolt from those who donate solely for tax exemption reasons. It appears we are at a time in this country's history where the church has to recognize that a sizable and powerful group of individuals are "Theophobics and Christophobics", trying to eliminate God/Jesus from EVERYTHING. Little do they understand that without the change in civilization brought about via Christianity, this world would still be a horribly savage society.