Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our Old Foe Planned Parenthood is Starting to be More Open in Their Attacks

Planned Parenthood thinks its only enemy is the Catholic Church, and rightly so.

Now, from PP's minions, comes this article.  Click here to read the article.  It is titled "Do Bishops Run Your Hospital?"

A couple of comments

1) I know it saddens them greatly that a hospital employee have the ability to opt out of murder

2) I know that hospitals having the religious freedom to not perform sterilizations saddens them as well

3) Planned Parenthood, in the last 6 years, has had arguably more influence on hospitals and health care in our nation than any other organization, religious or not.

4) Planned Parenthood owns no hospital, yet they seek to influence what happens at them?

Thankfully in this country, for the moment, we all still have a say, and thankfully, for the moment, bishops in the United States of America have a say as to what types of procedures are immoral at Catholic hospitals.  How much longer that continues will depend greatly on whether or not people get active and push back.

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  1. I sure hope Bishops around the country are making sure Catholic guidelines are being followed. I know someone who was on the board of St Vincent's and she said Ella was being given in emergency rooms. I guess what our bishops don't know won't hurt them.