Thursday, October 10, 2013

It's Getting Dark

No matter how much despair we may feel when looking around at the world we live in, it pales in comparison to the despair the Apostles felt when they witnessed or learned of Christ's death.


  1. You are right Father. No matter how bad things get we have to remember the tremendous graces and benefits we've been gifted. We KNOW that Christ remains with us even now in the holy eucharist. This alone insures that I will never ever despair. I have reflected on how utterly dark human life and understanding was before Chirst and the descent of the holy spirit at pentecost. thanks for the reminder here!

  2. Good observation. Good point.

  3. I think we too often focus on negative things. My husband and son both had a very bad case of strep throat last week. Within just a few hours they were feeling better and within a few days, they were completely well. A miracle? No, but a big blessing of modern medicine that we too often take for granted. I believe human life is much, much better than it has ever been. Focusing on the positives - and how we can make things more positive for those around us - seems a much better use of time and prayer.