Sunday, October 13, 2013

Josh Groban at Mass?


  1. More than any other elements, the Mass setting and hymns chosen, dictate what the experience will be for those who crawl out of bed to come to Mass. Week after week, we are insulted with these saccharine monstrosities by Dan Schutte, David Haas, and Marty Haugen. Even more so when they are allowed to be played on drums and guitars, which is liturgically "illegal" but happens every week in parishes across America. It makes me want to jab pencils in my ears to make it stop. Glad you are doing something about it in Brazil, Father!

    1. Liturgically illegal? Now that is a phrase I have never heard. But who am I? So all of those guitar masses that I experienced in the 60's and 70's were Liturgically illegal? Seems that "The State" is not the only empire that is off axis. My dad, who by the way was converted to Catholicism, stop going to mass because of those danged guitars and drums and horns and such. And I always knew that it was his opportunity to distance himself from The Church, because he wasn't living in The Light, which is what the nuns and priests taught us was the golden rule. And I still believe that to date. Food for thought, when Jesus attended the wedding in Cana, not sure He said, "if you stop playing those ear jamming flutes and drums, and quit being happy, I will perform a miracle." Is a wedding not a solemn, Liturgical event? Crawl out of bed?....when you wake up, give thanks and rejoice in a new day that God has given you, jump up and go and make others happy, brother! And one more thing, at my funeral, I don't want liturgical legal music, I want 2001 A Space Odyssey! Love ya brother.

    2. It's not really fair to compare a hypothetical case of musical selection for the wedding at Cana with Mass, where the Church has been given the authority to set norms for liturgical music.

    3. I am a huge Josh Groban fan and it was out of my grief over the Murder of my Beloved husband , that I found Josh and his Music .

      I could NOT express my emotions or even cry for my Beloved Husband and it was NOT until I heard Josh Groban's song "To Where You Are" that broke the wall of silence I put up since the News of my Beloved Husband's Murder . I began to cry and the floodgates opened and I was raw emotion and through Josh's song and soft comforting voice , I was finally able to feel and express the burden and extreme feelings I was feeling .

      With Josh Groban's Music and God's Grace and Mercy I am here to give testimony to both the Power of My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the heart mending , comforting Power of the Music of Josh Groban .

      I have the extreme Pleaure of hearing Josh Groban Perform this LIVE on Oct. 30th for the first time as it has only 12 years to come full circle , but it has ! ! :)

    4. The Eucharist is Our Lord's gift to us and tells us exactly what He thinks of us. While it is the most important thing at Mass, the liturgy tells everyone exactly what we think of Him. And what the cloying, mawkish, and utterly trivial music that infests many an AmChurch parish says is...not much. It isn't a question of What Would Jesus Do? It is a question of What Should We Render Unto Our Lord Who Has Given Us the Priceless Gift of Grace? The answer is obvious...our very best, and the Haugen/Haas, etc McDitties are not our very best...not by a long shot.

    5. We do not go to Mass to PLEASE ourselves, we go to WORSHIP the triune God. It's NOT about us, first and foremost. It's about the sacrifice of Our Lord and we go to appreciate Him and be thankful, asking God the Father Almighty to have Mercy on us, and praying for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to bring us closer to God. The music in our hymnals, most of which is post- V2 and feel good garbage.
      Any worship music published before 1960 should be is horrendous! difficult to sing and way to progressive. Give me the time honored hymns any day. I esp do not like the new music set to the Gloria and (Holy, Holy Holy) difficult to sing.
      I am not really happy either about the change in wording in the creed or the consecration. ( It is right and just?) sounds like a Al Sharpton rally. There, I said it.
      Mary Howard

    6. We do not go to Mass to PLEASE ourselves, we go to WORSHIP the triune God. It's NOT about us, first and foremost.

      ^^This. The anonymous above stated that he wanted 2001 Space Odyssey at his funeral. This should surprise us, but sadly it doesn't and I'll explain why taking the scenic route.

      You may have seen or heard about the JK Wedding dance, where the wedding party reduces the ceremony to trivial mush with their antics. But an astute observer noted that there was no substantial difference between the JK wedding and the Royal wedding in England. In both, the wedding is all about ME ME ME! Thus, the modern phenomenon of the Bridezilla. "This is MY day and you have to program whatever music I tell you and I don't care if the pastor (who is really just an extra or prop in my show) tells me it is inappropriate!"

      Thus it is with funerals and the insistence over the Church's protests for eulogies. "Hey, I'm the dead one here! You have to honor my last requests no matter how zany!" So now I come to the music from 2001 Space Odyssey. That music isn't original to the movie. It's Richard Struass' Also Sprach Zarathstra, which is in turn a musical setting of Nietzsche's work of the same name. If one were to look for something completely hostile to the Christian faith, it is hard to beat Nietzsche and his Also Sprach. At a funeral, it would be no less than parting middle-finger to Our Lord and His Church.

      ME ME ME!

  2. Amen, Father.
    Gregorian chant has no parallel as we seek music that will enliven the spirit and the soul. We are blessed at St. May of the Assumption in Binghamton, NY to have a Latin Mass Schola (i.e., choir) with superb ability. I am in a situation where I must endure "bad music" novus ordo and occassionally the beauty of the Gregorian schola. The difference exceeds description. God bless those who provide us with sacred music.