Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Archbishop Chaput on Authentic Religion

"The words and habits of religion are easy. We can sometimes use them to fool ourselves. We need to drill down below the counterfeit Christianity so many of us prefer into the substance of who we are and what we really treasure. We need to let God transform us from the inside out, and conversion requires humility, patience and love. It requires letting go of the desire to vindicate ourselves at the expense of others. So much of modern life, even in the Church, is laced with a spirit of anger. And anger is an addiction as intense and as toxic as crack."

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  1. Off-topic: I see your parish is looking for a sacred music director. I'm not applying, but just wanted to encourage you and say you went to the right place looking for one. I'm blessed to have a schola group for the EF Mass, and love to talk traditional sacred music and chant. I'll pray a good director comes your way.