Thursday, July 18, 2013


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  1. a couple of thoughts on overpopulation. Even the great church doctor St. Jerome is entitled to a mistake. In 383 he wrote his defense of Mary's Perpetual Virginity when he wrote "Against Helvidicus". His mistake occurred in paragraph 23 when he got off subject and spoke briefly about the world being over populated. He said," The world is already full, and the population is too large for the soil. Every day we are being cut down by war, snatched away by disease, swallowed up by shipwreck, although we go to law with one another about the fences of our property". My point, the overpopulation myth isn't new. another point is all we need to do in urban areas is to learn to live together. Malta is one of the heaviest populated countries there is. Compare it with Marion County Indiana (urban Indianapolis) 400,000 people in Malta, 918,977 in Marion County. Marion county is 403 sq. mile Malta is 122 sq. mile. In 2012 there were homicides 112- Marion Co, 7- Malta. Other serious crimes are similar to the homicide proportions. Most crimes are committed by immigrants in Malta, which has the highest per capita immigrant population in the European Union. Divorce was illegal in Malta until 2011. Abortion for any reason is still illegal in Malta. The country is mostly Catholic. My point , the more people we have the more we need Catholicism.

    One last fun thought, if everyone who lives in the United States moved to Texas, every man women and child, could own a half acre of land. My family of seven could have a nice 3 acre garden, and a big house.