Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mass is Like Halftime of a Football Game

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  1. I have faith in Christ, He is my rock but the Church leaders have compromised and lacked faith for too long. The Church leaders are standing but will continue their businesses even if the mandate continues. Catholic Health Assoc. agrees with the latest version of the HHS mandate. Cardinal Dolan had to withdraw his subpoena because he is already paying for birth control and abortion for some employees insurance in NY. Our Church survives in countries like Cuba and Russia because it ultimately works with whoever is in the Cardinal speaking for Castro at the UN. So, although there is evil, I believe the leaders ultimately go along to get along while passing out the sacraments. I believe Christ calls us to live the Him. We are called to die to self and to live for Him. In order to do this we must stand for what is right and not back down or compromise. We must not look at business first and God's laws second. The USCCB stands for every liberal piece of legislation while many times staying silent on the moral ones like repeal of Don't Ask Don't tell which has lead to religious freedom and conscience rights issues in the military. Just like they pushed for universal healthcare with abortion neutral language their first thoughts are directed towards democratic socialism which provides gov't money for them. I don't think anyone really believes they're going to close anything if the the HHS mandate goes through. The test case was in NY and the Church failed. So, the Church will survive, just like it's done through the centuries. It takes money from murderers like Mussolini, it runs over its own when necessary like in Mexico and ultimately looks out for it can provide us the sacraments. I for one say the true faith would live on if we had more true witnesses. Like the martyrs in Japan, the Catholic faith lived on because men were willing to die for their faith in God. Instead, we've got men worried about their money and cringing they may be poor. We need to be living sacraments for Christ. We need to be on fire and in love with Christ, then we can be effective. Living to keep an organization/business, alive, with much compromise, is not living for Christ. When our bishops can stay silent in the secular papers on same sex marriage but make sure they have an editorial regarding comprehensive immigration, something is wrong. They are to defend Christ's truths first but always seem to be pushing socialist ideas. I wonder why? I'd like to see the USCCB abolished. THey look good on their home page but their actions tell another story.