Monday, July 29, 2013

Did Pope Francis Change Church Teaching on Homosexuality Today?

The Pope didn't change anything today - he reiterated the same things we've always taught...

1) The attraction is different than acting on it
2) Catholics don't judge
3) Catholics welcome people living with same sex attraction
4) Catholics welcome people ACTING on same sex attraction, while not shying away from continuing to proclaim what God taught to be right actions and wrong actions

Simple.  End of story.  

100 dollars that the headlines will read "Pope Francis Changes Church Teaching"

Wow, do we need a film like "Unnatural Law?" !!  Confusion continues to reign.


  1. I can't even explain what I feel when I see the main stream news act like this is something new, innovative or different in Church teaching. I read the comments on the MSM "news" story about his press conference and they range from ignorant gloating over the "new" teaching to vitriolic heckling of Christian "hypocrisy."

    I just keep praying for everyone, especially the Cultural Catholics who don't know the teachings of the Faith, and those who don't believe there is a God.

    Keep teaching, Fr. Hollowell.

  2. May Not have changed Church Teachings Father, But? He is a Kind Forgiving man, and Said WHO was HE to Judge, Maybe YOU need to Follow in His footsteps,

    You are the Judge, Jury . and I bet if you could be? the executioner,

    You really need to ask yourself if You even deserve to be a Priest, The HOLY Father Won't Judge, Why are you? and Leading the Way? What are you afraid of? You having those thoughts yourself? closeted? Most people who are comfortable with their own sexuality, are not bothered by those who are gay...

    I can BET, if Jesus came back, and openly Loved the gay people? I can bet YOU would be handing out the 30 pieces of Silver...

    This isn't for Posting, this is for YOU to examine YOUR own conscience,

    Judge not Father, The Holy father is infallible, (Church Teaching) If He does not Judge?

    Why are you??

    I'll Forgive you, and will continually Pray for you... and your struggles...

  3. I Guess Father, Had You witnessed Jesus saying, The Disciple He loved , (John) I'm sure You would have been appalled.

    So Many of Your Brother Priests are gay, and You know its true...You snubbing them? Outing them? condemning them? (Try acceptance)

    More straight couples are getting divorced, isn't that a threat to the church?

    You sure do like to stir up people, and scare them into Your way of thinking don't you...

    Power trip? adrenalin rush? Need to be liked and accepted? You have an un happy life growing up? now you need approval?

    I wonder if you are not a closet Homosexual yourself, and are protesting, so others won't find out,

    Its ok, it really is. You will be much happier out in the open.

    I'll pray you find your way Father.

    1. Dr Phil, is that you?

      Thank you for displaying what your vision of tolerance looks like.

    2. I Guess Father, Had You witnessed Jesus saying, The Disciple He loved , (John) I'm sure You would have been appalled.

      There is nothing wrong with a man loving his daughter--but sexual contact between them is an evil act.
      There is nothing wrong with a man loving a woman who is not his wife--but sexual contact between them is adultery and hence, and evil act.
      There is nothing wrong with a man loving his country--but rounding up Jews and gassing them is an evil act.
      There is nothing wrong with a man loving another man--but sexual contact between them is an evil act.

      So Many of Your Brother Priests are gay, and You know its true...You snubbing them? Outing them? condemning them? (Try acceptance)

      Many of his brother priests are alcoholics--that doesn't make their drinking acceptable. Many of his bother priests like to gamble--that doesn't make stealing money out of the collection and betting it on the ponies acceptable. And yes, many of his brother priests are homosexual ("gay" is a truth-obscuring euphemism)--that doesn't make depraved sexual acts (i.e. any sexual contact other than between a man and a women married to each other) acceptable.

      More straight couples are getting divorced, isn't that a threat to the church?'

      Yes, but this changing the subject.

      You sure do like to stir up people, and scare them into Your way of thinking don't you...

      The Truth is only scary to people with a guilty conscience.

      Power trip?

      This and what follows is a baseless, dishonorable and cowardly ad hominem an nothing more need be said about it.

    3. Good ole Scott W..... Always chiming in on blogs written by Fr. Hollowell which are about homosexuality. Ever heard of getting a J-O-B there Scott? Looks like you have a lot of time on your hands.

    4. Always have time for the Truth.

    5. And so do I. FYI, Wal-Mart is hiring greeters.

    6. If you are really interested in Truth, then stop resorting to subject-dodging ad hominem fallacies.

    7. I'm not dodging anything. If anybody is doing any dodging, it's YOU! You posted this at 3:23PM, a time when most people are at WORK. But not you though. What I offered was a suggestion in my later post. One that will benefit you and society. Trolling Fr. Hollowell's blog targeting the homosexual blog entries is not helping you at all. Or society for that matter. Jobs come with benefits; such as salaries, health insurance, retirement, vacation time, sick leave, etc.... Wal-Mart offers all of those and as an added bonus, I can give you the name of a manager of a real good Wal-Mart Super Center where you can become a member of their team! I know Chuck would love for you to come work there!

    8. I will simply restate the premises on the table and move on:

      --Invoking the word "love" in conjunction with an immoral sex act does not make that sex act morally acceptable.

      --"Gay" is a truth-obscuring euphemism.

      --The number of homosexuals in the clergy is based mostly on pedantic guesses, but even if we grant that there is many of them, it is irrelevant. "Everybody's doing it" is not a valid basis for moral ethics. All people: layman, priests, bishops, popes, heathens, are called to repentance and chastity.

      Note that the above are all true and undamaged by anything said here and remain true regardless of my or anyone's supposed employment status.

    9. Correction: I said, "The number of homosexuals in the clergy is based mostly on pedantic guesses." "Pedantic" is not a good word choice as it at least still implies something resembling academic rigor. In my experience, this is not the case when people tout vast legions of homosexual priests. Instead, the only support I've encountered for it was conjecture, innuendo, unverifiable anecdotal evidence, Politically Correct narratives, and quasi-Freudian theories of "repression".

  4. I'm still confused Father. Was the Holy Father saying that we will accept Priests who know that they are gay? I thought that it was clear that if they knew they had this problem then the priesthood was not for them???
    Thanks Father

    1. This is what some are celebrating, and this is the one ACTUAL question that does emerge from all of this. However, I think we can read the Pope's comments as not changing the teaching of Pope Benedict about limiting the priesthood to those who are not currently acting on their homosexual attractions. I read this as Pope Francis talking about all people living with homosexual attraction, and not priests per se. I fully expect to get a clarification on this from Rome in the next day or so.

      Here is the quote in full:
      "If a person is gay and seeks the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge that person? The Catechism of the Catholic Church explains this point beautifully but says, wait a moment, how does it say, it says, these persons must never be marginalized and “they must be integrated into society.”

      The problem is not that one has this tendency; no, we must be brothers, this is the first matter. There is another problem, another one: the problem is to form a lobby of those who have this tendency, a lobby of the greedy people, a lobby of politicians, a lobby of Masons, so many lobbies. This is the most serious problem for me. And thank you so much for doing this question. Thank you very much!"

  5. Seriously, 1/3 of priests are obviously gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    1. The problem with declaring (unsubstantiated here I might add) high numbers of homosexuals among the priesthood (again, "gay" is truth-obscuring), is that the champions of the meme, "Not that there's anything wrong with that" are self-contradicting. Such people often go to great lengths to say that the sexual abuse crisis has nothing to do with homosexuality. Yet statistically between 60-70% of the abuse cases on file are between priests and post-pubescent males. But if you go outside of the Church, such cases are often treated as "coming of age" moments and no big deal really as much of the secular world is pushing for lower age-of-consent laws. So your typical "EEVIL CHURCH! RAWR!" type has an unsolvable dilemma: If he admits that such relationships are no big deal, he loses much of the weight in his bat with which he mindlessly beats the Church. If wants keep the weight in the bat, then he has to admit these are cases of wrongdoing, the Church is right in its teachings on sexuality at least in one respect, and that yes, there is actually something wrong with it.

    2. Ok ok ok. You got me! I must specify, approximately 1/3 of priests I am personally familiar with have mannerisms and characteristics consistent with out-of-the-closet homosexuals I am also personally familiar with.

      I stand by the second sentence. Not sure why you have to bring pedophilia into this, as homosexuality and pedophilia are not the same thing.

    3. It's a case of not being able to have it both ways. Less than 10% of the abuse cases in the Church are true pedophilia cases. Between 20-30% are between priests and post-pubescent females, but the rest are between priest and post-pubescent males. Is this last group a case of abuse, or is it as much of the world outside of it regards it--merely a "coming of age" experience?

      Also, this is why "gay" is a truth-obscuring term. There is a difference between a man who is merely effeminate in manners and behavior (I agree that there is nothing wrong with that in and of itself), and another man committing immoral sex acts (i.e. any sexual contact (including, but not limited to homosexual acts) other than between a man and a woman married to each other).

  6. Thanks for your input gay extremist. No, I think your propagandizing may strive for a third however, there are probably less than 2% just like in America. But I'll bet 99% of priestly molesters comes from that group.

    1. I assume this collection of poor punctuation and near-complete thoughts is targeted at anonymous (July 30, 2013, 11:39pm), which is me.

      Just because you want there to be a homosexual-pedophile link doesn't make it true. But you can keep trying if you want, it's a free country!

    2. "99% of priestly molesters come from that group." Talk about propagandizing, sheesh. STOP insinuating that gays are pedophiles and molesters. Pedophiles are not gay, they are not even straight. A pedophile's sexual orientation, his sexual preference, is for children. They do not belong in the same category as gay or straight.