Monday, April 2, 2012

Kristine Bunch, Imprisoned for 15 Years, Wins Appeal

Sunday evening Masses at the Indiana Women's Prison have been one of the neatest ministries I've been able to be involved with as a young priest. Every few months, I'm asked to give up a Sunday afternoon to go have Mass for the women. I also was able to offer adoration and confessions for an hour in the afternoon this past Fall. The first time I went, I'm not sure what I expected, but I remember being really surprised by how kind the women were. I think I expected tattoos and mean looks and toughness but so many of the women were NOT that way at all.

One of the women who has been coming to Mass faithfully for the three years I've been going out to the prison is a woman named Kristine Bunch. She has been in prison for 15 years accused of setting a fire in her trailer home that killed her three year old son. At the time, Kristine was pregnant with her second child, who, I'm told, visits her faithfully every week.

Just last week it was learned that Kristine's appeal has been granted, and it looks like she'll receive a new trial which will almost assuredly lead to her freedom. Any time an appeal is granted it is because new evidence has come to light that almost certainly will exonerate the imprisoned.

Several years ago 20/20 did a story on Kristine. You can read that story by clicking here.

What great news during Holy Week! I can't imagine the perseverance Kristine has displayed throughout all those years of wrongful imprisonment. Let us also today offer up a prayer for all those wrongfully imprisoned around the world today. May God's Justice reign, and soon!


  1. That's fantastic news, Father. I can't imagine the paoin of losing both a child and you freedom. We will pray for Kristine.

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