Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fr. Barron on LCWR Supervision

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  1. Good insights and I know that because they are much like my own. :D That is to say, the Vatican has three options:

    1). Ignore the problem and keep the status quo. Everyone knows these orders are aging, not being replaced (really, anyone can get vapid leftist agitation for a dime-a-dozen in the secular realm, why add celibacy and poverty?) and ignoring it basically means letting the orders go to their fast-approaching deaths.

    2.) Supress and disolve the orders post haste. A PR nightmare of course, but letting orders bang the drum for abortion, homexual acts, et al is worse? Hardly.

    3). Call for and insist orders reform and return to the orthodox faith. It may be too late to save them all, but maybe some could.

    Now, I'm a fan of 2 with 1 being my second choice. The Church leadership, much wiser and patient than I, is going with option 3. They think these orders can be saved and are worth saving.

    In other words, this so-called "crackdown" actually *IS* the charitable response.