Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cardinal Dolan Influential?

Click here to vote for Cardinal Dolan as one of the more influential people in our country. Is there any doubt that this is the case over the past six months? Cardinal Dolan belongs on the list of 100 most influential people in the U.S. (even if the list is something that people are voting on). Pay TIME's page a visit and let's get Cardinal Dolan on the list!


  1. No, Cardinal Dolan is not influential at all..... I think his attitude toward LGBT people stinks to high heaven. Especially this last round where he failed to respond to a call from a non profit group that helps youth who are homeless non-heterosexuals that have been kicked out of their parents' homes for having the homosexual orientation. Apparently he was asked to answer the question what can be done together as a church and as a people for homosexual youths who are homeless. I guess certain people on this planet are more worthy than others.....

  2. His influence cuts both ways. For some reason his Eminence recently invited Obama to the 2012 Al Smith Catholic charities fundraiser. He should of followed the 2004 example of not inviting John Kerry or Bush.
    Dolan is so influential that this invitation will be seen by many fence sitters on abortion issues as the ok to vote for Obama, which will cost the lives of many unborn worldwide.