Sunday, March 4, 2012

Poem for the Battle

This was written by a teacher at Roncalli, Mr. Jeff Small. Mr. Small was teaching at Roncalli when I first started, and has always been one of the most loved teachers at RHS. He sent me this poem, and I felt it needed to be shared. He maintains a blog at (Click here to access his blog)

The battle of freedom is about to begin
For the pilgrims of God stand firm against sin

The Empire tells lies without any regret
The death and darkness of mighty Molech

Their giant stands tall against the forces of Light
And did not expect the pilgrims to fight

But Truth will ring and have its day
And the pilgrims of God will have their say

With the Armor of Freedom pulled ever so tight
Into the valley steps the pilgrim knights

And just as David gathered his stones
The pilgrims prepare in the valley of bones

And with a rebel yell the charge is made
Light and darkness collide on this valley stage

There is no turning back, “fight for the King”
And with their shields held high they pull out their slings

And they rotate in orbit like the tick of a clock
Watch out mighty Molech, here comes the Rock


  1. There is no turning back FIGHT FOR THE KING. I hope I am ready.

  2. We need to be ready now! The time has come for the soldiers for Christ to go to battle. But "If God is for us, who can be against us?" We know who actually wins in the end! Have faith. Be not afraid! Thank you, Father Hollowell, for the awesome speech in the Video "I have a say" . You tell em Father!! My God Bless you and my He and His Holy Mother keep close to Their Sacred Hearts.