Saturday, March 3, 2012

Confused Nuns Embrace "accommodation"

Joining Sr. Carol Keehan and EJ Dionne on the list of people who are dumb enough to think that the President's "accommodation" was any different than the original mandate is the completely unhinged, theologically and politically irrelevant group of religious sisters that represents 90% of religious sisters in the U.S. (the 90% that is having to close up shop because no one is joining their orders) --- the Leadership Conference of Women Religious. Here is their statement:

The Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) is grateful that President Obama and the administration listened to the concerns raised about providing effective healthcare coverage in a way that respects and honors the conscience rights of religious institutions. We believe the resolution the President made is a fair and helpful way for us to move forward.

We are grateful to the many individuals and organizations who courageously voiced their concerns on this critical matter and worked together to find a resolution. Such collaboration and mutual respect model an effective way for our country to deliberate on the many complex issues we face.

LCWR supports the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act so that the urgent needs of the uninsured can be met.

Thanks sisters! 10 years from now, when all that remains of your ranks is located in one convent in Florida, hopefully you'll still be dropping great knowledge on us helping to enlighten us on these matters (sarcasm alert).

P.S. - Did the Prez promise to force the Church to start ordaining women if you betrayed the Church and joined his team?


  1. It's time for these women to go join another organization that conforms closer to their secular belief system since they publicly deny the Catholic Church. I have no respect for these women at all. It's a shame that they are dragging the word 'Catholic' through the mud. They are selfish, selfish women who have been seduced by the power of association with political causes and people. "Sister" Keehan makes almost $1 million per year. Does she donate that? Not likely.

  2. Father you are breath of fresh air! Keep it up.

  3. I agree Father. It is high time that Catholics start shepherding our own flock. There are far too many self described Catholics who pick and choose what part of doctrine they want to adhere to.

    I am personally fascinated how many Catholics follow and vote with the liberal Democrat platform when so much of what they do is in violation with what it means to be Catholic.

  4. The biological solution to the "spirit of Vatican II" nonsense. Keep up the great work, Father. You are loved and prayed for.

  5. Father, can you explain a little more about this orginization? Their website is very vague and doesn't list the various religious orders affiliated with them. It's so sad to read this statement from them.

    1. I went into detail elsewhere on the blog about the fall from Grace experienced by many religious orders of women in our country. You can search the blog in the upper left hand corner by typing in some search words and seeing which blog posts come up. Try "habit" or "sister"

  6. thank you father for your help as we prepare to fight for the King

  7. I am curious to know why the nuns and priests are allowed to remain when they convey non-catholic teaching. Shouldn't they be excommunicated? Like Keehan and Pfleger.