Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Good Videos of Archbishop Chaput

Archbishop Chaput, the new Archbishop of Philadelphia as of this morning, is one of my favorite churchmen. His writing is clear, precise, compassionate, and brilliant. My brother just sent me this letter a few weeks ago from Archbishop Chaput. The letter deals with a topic we hear so much about - T.V. - but his writing somehow makes the topic fresh. To read the short reflection, click here.

Chaput is a guy who makes many people nervous because he preaches the Truth with Love. Someone who can speak of the Truth with conviction is indeed a scary thing for most of the world, but if you love the Church and Her Magisterium, then you'll love Archbishop Chaput. Becoming a cardinal is only a formality, and I recently read an article talking about possible American popes in our lifetime, and the Vatican insider said an American is more than possible, and he tapped Chaput to be the leading candidate.

Here are some video clips of the Archbishop that will give you a flavor of his style. Let's pray for the man taking over a very messy Archdiocese - may God be with him!

The issue everyone is always talking about - what about pro-abortion Catholic politicians? The Archbishop answers very clearly here:

Is the Church collapsing? - a great excerpt on the laity today!

The longer interview of from which the previous quote was taken:

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