Friday, July 22, 2011

The Contraception Deception

A study from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) came out this week recommending:

"A fuller range of contraceptive education, counseling, methods, and services so that women can better avoid unwanted pregnancies and space their pregnancies to promote optimal birth outcomes."


The above quote was from the press release. The way the decision was phrased in the actual report is the following (found on pg. 152):

"The evidence provided to support a recommendation related to unintended pregnancy is based on systematic evidence reviews and other peer-reviewed studeies which indicate that contraception and contraceptive counseling are effective at reducing unintended pregnancies."

There are so many studies NOT done by pro-contraceptive people that prove the exact opposite - can we please be rational and at least acknowledge them? Condoms fail at 15%, the pill fails at 10%, contraceptives cause breast cancer, but we don't even TALK about any of these studies?

What a sad day! Even more sad is the idea that the Obama administration is getting the slip here because it wasn't their idea - they're just going to act on the recommendations.

BUT...if you read Institute of Medicine's description, we find that in fact the administration ASKED the group to conduct the study as part of Obamacare. Does anyone really believe that the Obama administration DIDN'T know EXACTLY what this group was going to recommend?

Let's read the IOM's own description of the process (taken from IOM's website):

"The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services charged the IOM with reviewing what preventive services are important to women’s health and well-being and then recommending which of these should be considered in the development of comprehensive guidelines. The IOM defined preventive health services as measures—including medications, procedures, devices, tests, education and counseling—shown to improve well-being, and/or decrease the likelihood or delay the onset of a targeted disease or condition."

It's just sickening that this whole "process" is being swallowed as if a group of doctors a) studied ALL of the evidence on contraception and b) did it all on whim and just decided to release this information to the public.

To the faithful remnant who still holds what the Catholic Church teaches, I say the following: "It looks like the clouds are darkening quickly, on multiple fronts, but the skies have been much darker in the past... as General Maximus says in Gladiator - "Hold the line!" and know that "what we do in life echoes in eternity." Days like this, and others recently, bring tears to my eyes, but I will not quit, and I ask you to stand with the Church as well. Fight back, spread the truth, even if it is one relative or friend at a time. Hope is never lost, even at the darkest hour, because the evil one "who prowls about the world seeking the ruin of souls" is only working on borrowed time."


  1. Complete lies from the pit of hell. Just awful. JPII said in Evangelium Vitae that contraception and abortion are fruits of the same rotten tree, and that claims such as this study makes are in error.

    Even the Supreme Court acknowledges that abortion is the natural back-up when contraception fails:

    And Guttmacher Institute (pro-abortion) reports that 54% of women who have abortions cite failed contraceptives as their reason for their pregnancy.

    Lord, have mercy.

  2. **Meaning the pro-aborts are lying, not you Father, ha ha! Sorry if that sounded confusing!!

  3. Thank Jesus that our Bishops are paying attention and stepping up to the plate. Immediately after this ridiculous assessment was announced by the IOM, Cardinal Daniel Dinardo, USCCB Chairman of the Committee of Pro-Life Activities, issued this statement:

    "I strongly oppose the Institute of Medicine's recommendation today that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate coverage of three particular practices in almost all private health plans: surgical sterilization; all FDA-approved birth control (including the IUD, "morning-after" pills, and the abortion-inducing drug Ella); and "education and counseling" promoting these among all "women of reproductive capacity."

    "Pregnancy is not a disease, and fertility is not a pathological condition to be suppressed by any means technically possible. The IOM report claims it would have good reason to recommend mandatory coverage for surgical abortions as well, if such a mandate were not prevented by law. But most Americans surely see that abortion is not healthy or therapeutic for unborn children, and has physical and mental health risks for women which can be extremely serious. I can only conclude that there is an ideology at work in these recommendations that goes beyond any objective assessment of the health needs of women and children."

    Yes, Cardinal Dinardo, an ideology is correct. It's the ideology of Planned Parenthood, NOW, NARAL, and many other organizations who stand vehemently opposed to the Truth as taught by Holy Mother Church. The Truth that tells us to embrace and respect every human life from the moment of conception until natural death and the family founded upon the indissoluble marriage of one man to one woman. Unfortunately, as a nation we have elected an administration that embraces this ideology and advances it at every opportunity. Now we will bear the bitter fruit of IOM's recommendation since HHS will most certainly rubber-stamp their suggestions and mandate contraceptives in all private health plans under Obamacare.

    It is in just such circumstances that Our Lady of Fatima urged us to pray the Rosary in penance for our sins. I encourage everyone to do so...and get ready for 2012 elections!!!

  4. My heart breaks to see how friends, family, and even fellow Catholics are so afraid to lose their trusted birth control, that they would surrender to this contraception lie. It is amazing to see the dangers of birth control ignored, for what they believe is sexual freedom. Sexual freedom comes when you trust in Gods provision for you. True freedom comes when there are no barriers. True love comes with trust in our spouse and in God. Most of all is the belief that children are a GIFT from God. A GIFT that we should be very thankful for!

  5. This, after decades of ambiguous statements and resolutions from the American Bishops, makes me ashamed. We now must humble ourselves, ask forgiveness for the sins of the past and unite in a redoubled effort to fight the evils of abortion, and FIGHT for what is right, even if it costs us our tax-exempt status, even if we offend our back-stabbing "friends" in the Democratic Party, even if we are hated by the masses, we must follow the Gospel and protect those who are innocent and defenseless.