Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Francesca LaRosa - Teenage Catholic Singer-Songwriter

In a recent Criterion (Archindy's diocesan newspaper), the front page article was on a young lady from Roncalli High School named Francesca LaRosa who has been tapped to sing and perform the theme song for this Fall's National Catholic Youth Conference being held here in Indy.

My sister Laura is a friend of "Chessie" and I've met her a few times and she seems like one of the sweetest and kindest young people I've run across. I thought I'd share the following Youtube videos of hers, one an interview and the other her first music video.

You can pick up her CD at Roncalli's book store or you can download the album on Youtube. Help support Catholic art from our young adults!


  1. This is a true blessing for others to see a young woman not only living with her faith and Catholic virtues, but also using her God given musical talents to share and spread the message. From one Catholic piano player to another, best of luck on your musical journey both spiritually and professionally!

  2. She's a beautiful girl with a lot of talent.

    I'm curious though, since you seem to be a traditional kinda priest, why you would encourage her writing "trendy" mass music. So what if the kids want fun songs to sing--it's not about them.

    Loved her songs, but not the ones she wrote for the mass.

  3. Kathy,

    I figured someone would eventually ask that question and I'd say no one can fault her for writing music out of the only type of Mass she's ever been able to experience. Hopefully she encounters something more traditional and there encounters a more authentic liturgical ethos that she makes her own. I think it is important to encourage Catholic artists in the hopes that they will continue to put their services forward for Christ and His Church.

  4. Good point Father.

    Guess I'm jaded. The parish we had to leave let their music director write his own music. No joke, the Great Amen sounded very much like Jingle Bells.

    This girl seems open to the Holy Spirit and using her talents for the glory of God.

    Thanks for telling us about her.