Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Sins I Would Never Commit

Some will read this and think I'm seeing things or hearing things or wearing a tin-foil hat as a conspiracy theorist.  I share this not because I'm worried about these things

But I have been reading and hearing about how the Communists would kill priests and then plant evidence (gay pornography, etc. etc.) to get everyone thinking that 
a) the priest committed suicide and
b) was in to some kind of sexually deviant behavior

And this was done, of course, to discredit the priest and his teaching.

And if you think about it, it is a WAY more effective way to try to attack the Church than just killing a priest.  If you make it look like he took his own life and was into all kinds of sins, that is way more destructive to the Church than martyrdom.  A martyred priest would RALLY the Church, whereas the approach the Communists and others have taken can both get rid of a priest AND break the Faith of some of the flock.

So I thought I should go on record on a few things:

1) I would never commit suicide

2) I am a virgin

3) I've never looked at pornography as an adult (we found some magazines at a friend's house when I was a kid, and porn was on at a few parties I went to in high school)

4) I've never masturbated

5) I've never experienced same-sex attraction

6) I would never violate my vow of celibacy

7) I have never and would never harm a child or anyone else

8) I could care less about money and would never steal money from anyone nor would I steal money from the Church.  I enjoy simplicity of life a great deal.  

I'm not bragging.  There are probably BILLIONS of people who have done some of the things I've listed above who are INFINITELY better people than myself.

Again, those are all just things I felt like it was important to go on record about.  I don't feel threatened in any way, but trying to preach the Truth has never been a particularly safe mission.

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