Thursday, August 23, 2018

Shepherds, Abuse, and the Media

Most of the response by leadership in the US and around the world to the various interwoven scandals plaguing the world and local Church has been through press releases.

Some people believe that is because the leadership just doesn't UNDERSTAND the power of media.

I'm not so sure

Going back several months, many in Church leadership seemed to FULLY grasp the power of the media and social media, the power of images, the power of not speaking through lawyers and press releases when they had a Mass on the border.

They seem to grasp the power of this.  Do this for the other crises too.

If you took all the millions of press releases, the blog articles, the USCCB bulletin inserts....if you added all that up and compiled it all, the image of a bishop handing the Eucharist to a hand sticking through a border fence spoke more than all of that other stuff combined.

On the multiple crises in the Church, do something like this:

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