Monday, March 19, 2018

Your NCAA bracket, like your Lent, is destroyed!

Homily audio was completely unusable this weekend do to wifi interference

gist: Everyone's NCAA basketball brackets are shredded. Places offer new opportunities to enter new brackets (Sweet Sixteen brackets) the following weekend.

Most people's Lenten promises are shredded. We face two weeks left of Lent. Begin again. Make these final two weeks of Lent the best final two weeks of Lent you've ever had. Double down on your prayer. Did you promise 10 minutes? Do 20. Did you give up candy? Give up soda too!

We see in the Gospel today a theme throughout Holy Week - Jesus shows us His human will is pulling him in a different direction from His Father's Will. He will repeat this in the garden and on the Cross.

Our will often does the same thing. We know the Father's Will but we are pulled in another direction. RESIST! FIGHT BACK! Deny yourself these final two weeks of Lent and come to Easter resurrected with Christ!

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