Sunday, March 4, 2018

"Well, we have to do SOMEthing for invalidly married couples!"

In the "Communion for those in invalid marriages debate" the most detached-from-reality statement is: "We have to do SOMEthing for them"

The logical restatement of that claim is "we are currently doing nothing for invalidly married couples"

But in my parishes (and probably every other parish in the world) they can:

Participate in Bible studies
Join and pray with us at Mass
Hear the Word of God proclaimed and preached
Participate in religious ed
Receive charitable assistance
Receive individual or couple counseling from the pastor
Pray in our unlocked churches throughout the day
Participate in our social activities
Go on our parish retreats
Join us for processions
Pray with us during our communal rosaries
Pray with us during our hours of adoration

and about 14,000 other things

Any bishop or priest who says we aren't currently doing anything for couples in invalid marriages has been away from parish life for too long and needs to be reminded of what is happening on the ground

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