Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Abortion House of Horrors - "There were screams" - Planned Parenthood doesn't always obtain consent to donate children for "research"

The sixth video from the Center for Medical Progress came out this morning

It reveals what most already knew - that Planned Parenthood doesn't always obtain permission from the mother to donate their children for "tissue research"

It also reveals what other videos had suggested as well - that Planned Parenthood adjusts its abortion techniques in order to maximize PROFIT at the EXPENSE of the mother's health.

Who's waging a war on women again?

Let's see if the media blackout by NBC, CBS, ABC and other media outlets continues with this sixth video.  Perhaps they'll realize that they have a real chance to salvage their industry by reporting the news fairly here...or perhaps they'll just continue to protect the abortion inudstry

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