Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Wonderful Female MD Talks about NFP, and how Humanae Vitae Brought Her Back to the Church

Dr. Maria Bajuyo gave a presentation on the science and beauty of the Church's teachings on human sexuality, openness to life, NFP, naprotechology, etc.

Everyone needs to hear this talk!

Here is a 16 minute cut up of the talk to give you a good sense of the talk if you don't have an hour

That being said, the WHOLE thing is great. Here's the full version.

The audio is scratchy in a few places (probably the Devil at work!) but press through it and give it a listen.

Dr. Maria Bajuyo, and other doctors like her, are doing the work that will win against the culture of death.

Dr. Maria Bajuyo MD from John Hollowell on Vimeo.
How encountering the Catholic Church's teachings on contraception, NFP, and openness to life brought me back to the Catholic Church

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