Thursday, July 16, 2015

Planned Parenthood - Let your Light SHINE!

Planned Parenthood released a presser in the wake of the reports of their trafficking in baby body parts that said the practice was "a humanitarian undertaking"

If they have thought of it as "a humanitarian undertaking" all these years...why not let your light shine, PP!  They should have been getting the good word out and shouting from the roof tops about their amazing humanitarian work!


  1. To bad their humanitarian undertakings violate both State and Federal laws.

  2. PP just announced on the radio tonight that they did not do anything illegal with their actions. 😖You're kidding me right? Nothing like lowering the bar on your actions by justifying what you do by civil law, by all means ignore moral law. Which by the way your Kidneys are not really being used efficiently by you so I will just hock them later while you are asleep. Don't worry it's all legal!!