Sunday, July 12, 2015

Homily - "I already have enough friends!"

And, on a related note, an iconic film clip from Tombstone:


  1. I notice you didn't "approve" the comments I made where I caught you saying things against Church teaching. You get so caught up on your personal hatred for gay people (which has nothing to do with the Church) that you don't realize that you go too far. Or maybe you do.

    Not only are you a bigot, but you're a two faced liar, a coward, and a hypocrite.

  2. Thank you posting your entire homily. It gives me a chance to hear it when I got to be the first one to explore the location of the restrooms yesterday.
    God Bless.

    1. Yeah I usually go to the restroom while he gives his homilies too.

      He has that effect on the majority of Catholics.

  3. I like how you mention the problem of comfort in the homily. I think it was Bl. Cardinal Newman that said the dangers to the faith were sentimentality and excessive comfort. ( if anyone has the citation for it, I'd be grateful). It seems the modern USA is the embodiment of those. Almost making comfort and sentimentality a kind of secular dogma that will brook no dissent. Usury secures the comfort and the "love wins" mantra is clearly a hollow, meaningless sentiment. But as the Scripture tells numerous times, have no fear. The increasing darkness just makes it easier to see where the light is coming from. We can even navigate by wickedness. When people call you names, you know you are going the right way. In other words, if you are not taking flak, you are not over the target. Pray for me to get my own prayer life back on track, would'ya please? :) God bless you!