Friday, July 3, 2015


  1. Nice. By contrast, perhaps we can encourage the country to drop the charade and honestly admit they are establishing a secular worship of the State. On the U.S. flag replace the field of stars with an eight-pointed star of Chaos or the Eye of Sauron, and make the official motto, non habemus deum nisi Caesarem--“We have no god but Caesar”

  2. Like it or not, this is a pluralistic society and no one religion can have power over this country. In fact , we take the best of ALL religions and chuck out the bigoted crap, like the intense opposition to same sex marriage some weirdos have even now after it's the LAW OF THE LAND .

    Thank God some Christian Churches are followers of Jesus Christ and now fully and happily accept same sex marriage and bless those marriages in their Churches.
    That's what makes America the most wonderful country in the world and that's what makes God SO AWESOME !

    LOVE WINS ! :)