Sunday, April 7, 2013

Update from New Zealand

 The discernment house I was staying with for a few days.  We headed out to the beach for the day and had a blast!

We got up early to try to catch the sun rise in Auckland.  The clouds failed to cooperate, but we had a good hike and prayed morning prayer on the beach!

A neat view from the beach 

 "Trekking" in the wilds around the beach

 Viewing the beach from above

The sign at the beach picnic area.  I vote that we ditch our word "trash" and immediately swap it for "rubbish"!  

 Fish n' chips on the beach.  I love the lack of pretense; the restaurant just wrapped it all up in news paper and that was that.

On to the Eucharistic convention this weekend.  This is the first sacristy with a Led Zeppelin poster in it in the history of Catholicism.

The Sisters of Life and Fr. Liszeck from Kibeho leading the convention in adoration.

Now it is off to Hobbiton, a national park, and some exploring for my final three days in New Zealand.  God bless!


  1. classic comment about the Led Zep poster! We are all wondering if thats a bio of the band underneath? If so, that is totally NOT rubbish! Have fun and safe travels.

  2. Where are the sheep? I thought New Zealand was lousy with sheep. Hope you're enjoying your trek.

  3. Enjoy the rest of your stay here in NZ Father... I have checked some videos of our Cardinal from the Philippines - Cardinal Luis Tagle and he supports the use of internet towards (new) evangelization... FTW