Monday, April 22, 2013

The Catholic Bob Ross

Who is Bob Ross?  If you don't know Bob Ross, you need to!  Bob Ross is the painter who, for so many years, worked his tradecraft on PBS.  In college I encountered Bob Ross for the first time, and it was awesome!

a) he has an awesome 'fro haircut
b) his voice is the perfect voice for taking a nap to.

Here's a quick video of Bob Ross in action:

When I was in New Zealand, I had the pleasure of spending a morning talking with Michael Pervan, who I like to call the "Catholic Bob Ross".  Michael is an iconographer and a sacred artist who owns a small little sacred art workshop that I could have spent many many more hours touring around.

As I've noted on the blog elsewhere, I've had a serious conversion over the past few years concerning sacred art, and have come to recognize how important sacred art is, and how needed it is in our world today.  Chatting with Michael, I realized that he is teaching and talking about and creating beauty from the heart of the Church.

Here is Michael's talk that he gave at the New Zealand Eucharistic Convention in 2007 where, like Bob Ross, he puts together an icon during his talk, and he also talks a lot about what motivates him in his work.  It is DEFINITELY worth a watch.

Here is the website for Michael's Icon Shop, "The Studio of St. John the Baptist."  Click here to check it out.

Pray for more sacred artists, whether it is chant, icons, sculpture, painting, organists, etc.  As Dostoevsky notes, "Beauty will save the world."

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