Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The SHOCKING New Videos from Live Action

It is getting harder and harder to say "this is just one bad abortionist off his rocker"...Abortion is a culture of death, and these people need to be prosecuted. It is so sad to see people standing up and defending people like this, and it is a shame to see prosecutors failing to do something about these crimes.

“Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” - Romans 12:19


  1. Concentration camp officials rendered soap from the fat, and stretched lamp shades from the skins, of camp victims. Serial killers and rapists often keep "souvenirs" from each victim. And Gosnell had his jar of infant feet.

    People used to think that America was where people came to get away from the old hatreds and evils of a corrupt old world, that a better breed flourishes here. At least the guy in the watchtower shooting escapees from the death camp or the guys offloading the Jews from the rail cars were drafted into their work and can say they were forced to have that awful job. Here's proof that we can be as bad as Hutus chopping up Tutsis in Rwanda. Modern America is not immune to willing genocide any more than any other country.

    But these people, the abortion doctors and staff, come to work every day with no threat or coercion if they refuse. They can quit without reprisal at any time, as Abby Johnson did. But they WANT to lie to women coming in about their options and the abortion process itself. Their body language and voice "tells" show that they know they're taking this woman for a fool. They WANT to fill the Dumpster with baby carcasses, and they WANT a jar of baby feet for keeps.

  2. Dear Fr. John,

    I'm writing to thank you for speaking out against Planned Parenthood and President Obama's HHS mandate. In an effort to support you and all initiatives to defend the faith and religious freedom, I posted your You Tube video on my blog:


    Here in Canada we have the same moral tragedy with the state paying for abortion and other anti-life procedures. Once again, we are grateful for your work. May God bless you,

  3. Dear Fr. John,
    I was privileged to hear you speak at a Sanctity for Life dinner in Indianapolis a few months ago. Your talk was very moving as I am of the "Friends" generation. I know your posts cause discomfort but I also know that the truth hurts and that is why people react so strongly to posts regarding abortion. I am a volunteer at Right to Life of Indianapolis and have made the war on abortion a mission of mine. I also post many things on FB and today got severely lashed at because I used the term "killings". I was told that it was offensive and that I was not taking into consideration women who may have gone through an abortion...I replied to this person that if killings was not the proper term, then what did she think abortion was? She replied by not answering my question saying that she did not want to enter into an abortion debate and then told me that she respected my other posts but could not stay quiet when I called them killings...I felt so sad...and I felt like no one really wants to accept the evil of abortion...I will not stop posting articles and will pray for this person who lashed out at me...although in the end, she did say that she thought I was awesome for doing what I do... You mentioned in your talk that you were known for posting those weird posts (not sure if weird was the term you used...but you get it, right?) and I feel that if I start hiding my convictions, then I am not following what God wants me to do which is to trample on snakes and scorpions and overcome all the power of the enemy! I am currently visiting my family in Canada...I sure miss Indianapolis right now...at least there, I was never once yelled at for believing in LIFE.
    God bless you Fr. John... I love all your posts and I like to listen to your homilies...they are rockin'

    1. Thanks for the comments! I'd say keep doing what you are doing - people usually resort to shallow or passive attacks that essentially always say "quit posting" - they'll either say "Galileo" "The Crusades" "Priests abuse kids" "Quit shoving your agenda on me" etc.

      It is important to post about all of the things that bring us joy in life as well. We do need to make sure we are letting people know about what gives us joy and hope in life as well, and I need to do a better job of that as well. Sometimes it is easy to just keep the pedal to the metal against the culture of death, but we also need to let people breathe who struggle with abortion/contraception. Keep up the good work!

  4. Fr. John, as you know the Church teaches that we are never to do evil to achieve good. It seems here that by going into the clinics and lying about who they are and why they are there is only cooperating with the father of lies by lying to them. Does this not seem the case to you? There has to be a better way of going about this.

    1. Exactly. I am grateful for the work that LiveAction is doing, but not all their methods are legitimate. Even abortionists need to hear the Truth even if you don't think they will accept it.