Monday, April 22, 2013

The Best Thing You Can Do To Foster Priestly Vocations

Well, actually it is a three way tie for "Best Thing You Can Do To Foster Priestly Vocations"

They are
1) Pray that all those whom God is calling to be priests will hear his call and respond
2) Tell a young man that would make a good priest that you think he would make a good priest.

The third thing is something that I did this past weekend...
3) Take young men from your parish for a tour and a meal at a seminary

Here are some photos from our trip

A couple of seminarians talking about their call to the seminary and what seminary life is like

"We love your music Fr. Hollowell!"  Actually, I'm sure it was simply because we had stopped at Dairy Queen on the way home, and the guys were just on a sugar low!

Jacob stayed awake and kept me company on the road!

Thanks to Fr. Bob and the guys at Brute Seminary for showing us around and feeding us.  It was a great trip.

Is God calling you to lead a similar trip for your parish?  You don't need to be a priest, just tell your pastor you'll coordinate the trip.  Most seminaries are THRILLED to host groups of young men, and I promise that the guys will have a good time going.

All of the guys that went with us said they were skeptical beforehand, but afterwards they were very glad they went. 


  1. FrH
    may I add #2a or #3a?
    -"Be sure he is close to a Strong, Faithful, Fatherly Priest". I recall a great Priest once telling me his vocation was inspired by his Pastor who was known to his brother priests as "Iron Mike".

  2. What a great idea. I wish all our parish priests took the time and interest to foster vocations. Thanks for being you!